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Singapore, 3 August 2023 – R.E. Lee International Capital Pte Ltd (or “R.E. Lee Capital”), a licensed fund management firm, today clarified that the firm “is not connected in any way and has no dealings”, with Calvin Lo, who recently came under media scrutiny for his various claims about his personal wealth and corporate roles.

 Lim Sue Lynn, CEO & COO of R.E. Lee Capital, said: “We are a fund management firm that thrives on discretion and privacy, as we work with financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals who share our values. Our chairperson, Regina Lee, is Lo’s mother but this must not be misconstrued as Lo being connected with our firm in any way. We categorically affirm that Calvin Lo has no dealings with the firm. He was never an employee, officer, director, or shareholder of the company. He has never had any affiliation with R.E. Lee Capital, nor is he authorised to speak in any capacity on our firm’s behalf.”

 Ms Lim explained that R.E. Lee Capital felt it was important to make the clarification conclusively to counter the misleading claims reported in various media that Calvin Lo was the owner and CEO of R.E. Lee Capital, that R.E. Lee Capital had an AUM in the billions of dollars, or that R.E. Lee Capital was the fund management arm of R.E. Lee International.

 “As a private firm, we do not make public, any information about the size of our business, our holdings, or who our clients are. Confidentiality and discretion are critical to the success of the firm. With the challenging macro-economic environment, the intensifying regulatory oversight and increased operational scrutiny, R.E. Lee Capital is committed to providing industry leading fund platform solutions and in that regard, we want to assure our stakeholders as well as our clients of the firm’s commitment to a long-term relationship built on credibility and trust.”

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